Two things I wonder about regarding iOS: why doesn’t Mail have multi-colored flags and why isn’t there a simple way of adding a reminder from Mail?

Every time I see something Trump has written I wonder how he actually feels, it’s like 7-8 year old spoiled child that doesn’t get what he want.

It would be quite interesting to be able to look into his mind and see how it work.

All of you probably have already discovered this but … after having watched a few videos on YouTube, it such a pleasure to switch to Vimeo !!

One this is for sure, people who define the syntax coloring colors doesn’t have the same way of seeing colors that I have !!!!

Light green on white ???? Light gray for parameters???

Look what I found in my office … some “hard bread/crispbread/hard rye bread”, best before date was 5 years ago. Should probably clean out stuff from my office … but not today.

Making the final changes on tomorrow’s lectures: UML, coding styles, databases (all Java). Also need to write some tutorial pages in Python. Living the blessed (?) life of a university teacher 🤪