Yay, I decided to use the university teaching platform instead of my own scripts, so far I’ve spent about equal parts creating content, trying to work around bugs and bug reporting.

Achievement unlocked: de första av årets studenter har anlänt och såg ut att hålla på med nåt uppdrag. En kommer rusande och frågar “är du pensionär?” 😎

“Mean iPhone 18 still bring in the school Cecelia Thore could bring it was good” - Siri trying to interpret Swedish when set to English 😋

Apparently software publishers doesn’t write manuals anymore, instead I’m supposed to “put together” my own manual by reading some “knowledgeable articles” … SIGH

Trying to reproduce a bug in a program can be hopeless sometime. My personal record is 3 weeks full time trying to find a bug a large system that happened once on a nightly test. Didn’t find it :(

Hmmm, on iOS I always open some apps by tapping the icon, other I always search + tap. Wonder why? (They are the same “distance” away)