It seems that the only way I can fool myself to keep exercising is some kind of gamification. In my case filling the rings on Apple Watch. Does anyone know of a good for keeping track of food/calories/weight etc and have some kind of gamification?

Sigh, I’ve had this new flash for three weeks now and I haven’t tried it yet … or even read the manual. Of course this because of the new camera where I have actually looked at the manual. And it looks I’m going to do a paid photo shoot … which is going to be fun.

Last year I had this plan of using one platform for my domain … well, I think it didn’t work out 😏 I’m currently using Hugo, WordPress, SmugMug, jAlbum, Piwigo and plain HTML

This is an honest question: Why should I use Drafts and for what?

Let me explain, I’ve owned Drafts since I first heard of it, several years ago and despite that I find the idea of Drafts interesting I don’t actually use it. I see people commenting how useful Drafts is and that they can automate stuff, that they can text to various apps/services, etc.

My problem is that I don’t understand why I should write a tweet in Drafts when I can write it directly in my twitter client, why create a reminder in Drafts instead of directly in my task manager, etc etc.

I think I’m missing something about Drafts, please help me understand.

Or could it simply be that I don’t write that much on my iPhone/iPad (doing most of my writing in BBEdit on my Mac), and for some reason I haven’t found much to automate?

And so I go to bed satisfied with having filled the circles on my Apple Watch for 365 days. I started Feb 6th last year (well, I started Jan 1st but I got a bad cold in the beginning of February and was forced to start over) and tonight I can sleep with a silly smile on my face.

The handling of the D4s was really nice, better than my D700. In fact, I felt more at home almost directly using the D4s (I’ve used the D700 approx 7 years). Now it’s time to start looking at the results.

Tomorrow will be a photo-day, Going to spend 7h photographing sports with the borrowed D4s, will be interesting to see how well it works.

So far the biggest difference I’ve noticed between my D700 and the D4s is ergonomics. My D700 is good, but the D4s is better.

And yes, I’ve only been sitting in my sofa reading the manual, trying to figure out the correct settings for tomorrow. So I haven’t actually used it yet … except for taking photos of the TV 😜

Time to unplug the laptop from the screen, fold up the iPad and put both in the bag. End of workday, time to go home (I love that I can turn on the heater from my office using the phone).

I don’t remember that I’ve opened Reeders preferences before (I probably have). The default settings must be pretty OK for me (I usually spend quite some time playing the preferences in any app I use).

Not the latest and greatest but it’s still very hard to say “no” when you get the offer to borrow one for the weekend 😛

I’m getting more and more convinced that buying a Synology NAS has been one of my best computer investments.