Sometimes we smile when we hear about places/cities/countries that are completely shutdown because of 5mm of snow … on the other hand, there is now extra newscasts here in Sweden because of an earthquake … of magnitude 3

Favorite thing of the year … adding “I am currently on vacation and will not read my mail until I am back on 2018-08-13.” as an auto-answer to my email account at work.

I’m very happy that I’ve seen some parts of the US … because it’s zero chance of me traveling to the US now

Nope, I don’t want to register for your service when I’m not allowed to spell my name the way it should be spelled.

The expression “legally blind” always make wonder if there is people who are “illegally blind” 🤔 and if so, could they be sentenced to prison for this.

I’m really really dislike that many programs have dependencies that takes forever to install etc. I really miss the single file binary distribution

Hm, I wonder why I’m happily using virtual desktops at work (with different apps on different desktops) while I tend to use one of those virtual desktops for everything when I’m at home (it’s the same laptop in both cases). Probably to has something to with screen size 27” vs 15”

It’s been a few interesting weeks without having Facebook, I haven’t missed it but I have realized three things:

  1. Some companies only use Facebook for customer support, news, etc. They might have a web site but it basically only contains links to their Facebook page. Sounds risky to me …
  2. Same thing for many small associations, easier to understand but it results in non-FB people missing events, etc.
  3. I’ve been using FB as a visual address book, making it possible for me to associate faces (me == good memory) with names (me == bad memory). But all in all I’m so far pretty satisfied with deleting my FB account.

Mixed feelings about the upcoming vacation. I really don’t want to work but at the same time I really want to make this programming course for teachers really, really good.

I’ve been using @omnifocus v3 for iOS for a month or two … using the old macOS version is now kind of frustrating. Really looking forward to macOS version !!!!

An unexpected, for me that is, thing that I’ve discovered with getting off Facebook is that I have been using it as an address book, looking up names (which I’m really bad in remembering) etc by looking at profile pictures etc. I need to start adding photos to my address book.

Every now and then I think that I should stop working at the university and get a job writing software. My main love with computers have always been solving problems and helping people by writing software.

Did a quick visit to Google+ and it’s sure dead … some right wing people posting about the upcoming Swedish election, otherwise pretty much dead. It even looks like some of Googles pages hasn’t been updated in a couple of years.