Most of the time I’m perfectly satisfied with my MBP but once I start rendering photos, moving them around, backing them up, etc I wish I had one of those Pro Macs that haven’t been released yet

Finally I’m done with culling and editing those 2000 photos, 400+ was the end result. If I had done this for myself it would have been about 10 😏

I like my Lamy pens, it’s only the Aion that I don’t really like … I don’t like the material. But the rest, Safari, LX, AL-Star & 2000, I like.

Would be fun to try the imporium, accent, studio and the 2000 in steel & black amber.

Sigh, selecting and editing photos can be a drag sometimes … especially when it’s 2500+ and I can’t just select the 10-20 photos I like and be done with it. Nope, here I need to take other considerations … which takes time.

Today is a first, I don’t think I’ve been to a developer conference before … but since it’s hosted about 200m from my office …

Hemma igen efter ett snabbt besök i kungliga huvudstaden. Även den här gången tycker jag synd om decsom måste bo där.

Evernote - alternatives? Does anyone have any advice on this?

Background: I used to have an premium account but because Evernote “destroys” text notes and there was no simple way to export notes to files (not in .enex format) I stopped using it. However, my family continued using shared notebooks for storing “notes for everyone”. I like Evernote because it’s simple to get data into it, I dislike Evernote because it’s difficult to get data out.

Anyway, now we need to decide if we should continue using Evernote or something else. My currently alternatives are “shared notes” in the Apple Notes app - works well for single notes but not that well for adding quick new notes. Synology Note Station - haven’t tried, seem OK but doesn’t have a desktop app. Google - nope. OneNote - no real opinion.

OK, I haven’t had my “non-instagram instagram” (separate account for photos) for long but so far I like it. There are a few things I would like to improve but for now this will work.

Det blir allt tydligare att jag är en gammal gnällig gubbe !! Det driver mig till vansinne när studenter skriver “kallar på en funktion” istället för “anropar en funktion” !!! #oldmanyellingattheclouds

sigh … need to go on a quick business trip and looked forward of taking the sleeper car both ways (excellent time to just relax) and … sold out. 😭 So, I probably need to book a seat on a plane instead 😩